20% discount on ultrasonic cleaners

Zestaw REECO do montażu SMD/BGA + myjka ultradźwiękowa

  • In order to take advantage from 20% of discount on any model of ultrasonic cleaner, is to buy REECO XYZ set in price of 3 299 EUR net
  • 20% discount is granted on the net price of selected ultrasonic cleaner
  • Offer of ultrasonic cleaners is located at this address
  • Promotion lasts until further notice

 Configuration with cleaner US100
Configuration with cleaner US200
Configuration with cleaner US300
Configuration with cleaner US400
Price of XYZ set
12 999 PLN
US price
729 EUR
889 EUR
1253 EUR
2506 EUR
US promotion price
583.2 EUR
711.2 EUR
1002.4 EUR
2004.8 EUR
You save
145.8 EUR
177.8 EUR
250.6 EUR
501.2 EUR